Vishwashanti Gurukul Teachers Training Academy,

B. Ed College ( English Medium), Rajbaug Loni Kalbhor, Pune


Dinesh Agarwal


Doing B.Ed from MIT provides an opportunity to learn in three different areas, which is essential for success. You learn from lecturers, you learn how to interact with people and the most important that you learn about yourself. These areas have been examined in both, the class room environment and crucially in a real world situation. I found the MIT VGTTA to be a milestone in my professional and personal life. It has been as fantastic experience. I found the quality of the academic staff excellent. The programmes are well organized and designed to combine academic teaching with learning experiences. This combination really worked and I feel that I have developed knowledge, skills and in personal competencies such as self-awareness, presentations, teamwork, and leadership.

The College has a great reputation for results and success because of the dedication, support and motivation by staff. The staff enables students like to accomplish their dreams!

Asawari ma’am is in my view a brilliant principal and an excellent motivator.

It is really one of the best Colleges. I couldn't have asked for more; the teachers were so helpful to me, whenever there was anything I needed or didn't understand they were always there without delay. They made me feel right at home. By the end of year we almost become friends. The facilities were just amazing and the place is homely. The VGTTA experience was definitely one that I will never regret. It was possibly one of the best decisions of my life and I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to learn. “I just want to thank you all for all your help extended to me and my classmates throughout t the year. I can’t express in words how much I appreciate it. It has been a wonderful year and I will certainly never forget it

Ekta Chabria


Pursuing B.Ed Degree from the gigantic institution like MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul Teacher’s Training Academy B.Ed College was a life-changing experience for me. A beautiful and historic campus, classmates from many different cultures and backgrounds, lecturers with interesting insights and academic excellence, a focus on individual personal development, a team-based approach to assignments so essential in today’s time , all of these have truly been one of the most profound experiences of my life till date. It has given me the confidence to move ahead in my career.

Renuka Solanki


I have spent about 1 year studying at MIT College, and it was an absolutely unforgettable time in my life. While studying in MIT I grew as an individual and learned to interact and talk to people. It was more than just a great study experience. The staff there helped me to settle in and develop a better understanding of life, adapt to the study methods used in higher education and build up a social and support network which has been very helpful in future. The teachers at MIT are real people with real personality, who care about their students and helped them to make it shine. I would definitely recommend MIT as a learning center. I would have got lost without the fundamental training which I received in MIT. My experience at MIT was wonderful which something I can remember whole life. Last but not the least the environment at MIT is just amazing and the campus is very beautiful.

Srushti Pathare


Being enrolled in B.Ed. was definitely a roller coaster ride. But I can assure, the staff, both administration and teaching are very Co operative. The teaching staff was very patient and many times stayed back after college hours to make sure we understood a concept. Our Principal is the main binding agent between staff, students, administration and works diligently to give us a hand on field experience. She is extremely knowledgeable and a modern thinker. This percolates down to the teaching staff. Here at the institute they believe more learning happens with love and tolerance. With these qualities any big the task is achieved within a time frame. Working efficiently with quality results under pressure is what I have learnt here. This skill is what sets a true teacher apart from an occupational teacher

Julie Kasbe


V.G.T.T.A. College is the best college. I have ever seen. When I entered the college campus first time, I liked the nature surrounding the college with trees and river…. It is wonderful…. But I was scared as to how the students and the professors will be? After joining the college I never felt I was new to that place. The teaching as well as non teaching staff is very cooperative. The principle of the college is the best with discipline but at times friendly. All the professors of the college are dynamic, active and always ready to give maximum knowledge there. Dedication towards their work will always set an example in our teaching field. I will miss this college always in my life as Vishwashanti Gurukul is the place of the teacher, where guru means teacher and kul means family….. Our college was, is and will be my family forever…..

Ashwini Mhamane


Everyone has some special memories in his/her life. Even I have some very special moments and memories in my B.Ed. College which I would like to share with you all. Each one has his own ideas about learning, thinking, excitement about college campus, teachers and even about syllabus. Even I was excited about all this and the first day of my college. Staff welcomed us to college which later on became my second home. It is considered here that teaching is an art so college wants to draw out the actor and the master in your subject to deliver the content in the best manner.MIT organizes various activities which carves the future teachers. The professors are the real sculptors of this creation.

Professors are very helpful and have a positive approach towards the students. Whenever we feel down we go to our very own MIT College to recharge ourselves because it is a real powerhouse for all of us. Given a chance I would definitely like to relive those days in college. My MIT Days…..

Vidya Waghole


I am a science post graduate in chemistry. I used to work in a pharmaceutical company after completion of masters degree. I had no intention of doing B.Ed. but it was my father, who wanted me to do B.Ed. and because of my father I took admission for B.Ed. At the beginning I was little hesitant to do this course. There were many questions in my mind about this course. Such as how will I complete this course? How the college life will be. How the classmates will be, with whom I was going to study for a full year etc. Then finally I got admission in MAEER’s MIT, VGTTA B.Ed. college, Loni kalbhor .Before enrolling in MIT, I did my research and collected information about the MIT and realized It has always stood up to its brand name. The teachers here are very helpful and approachable. They believe in giving constant feedback and motivation. This helped me improve my overall personality. I started this course slowly and steadily… by getting adjusted to the environment. I was very nervous on the first day of college. But later on I got the best buddies in my life, like Rajni, Sneha, Buran, Amey, Priyanka, Kanchan, Neetu & many others. In this academic year we performed many interesting activities like Street plays, functions, science exhibitions, day’s celebrations and unforgettable College trip. But the almighty is frugal in giving this kind of sweet moment so we should always preserve these to cherish in our further life. At the end I just want to say THANK YOU for all that MIT has done for me over the year. It was a really very memorable, fantastic and wonderful year!!!!!

And lastly I want to share unforgettable and most important thing in my life is ….I clearly remembers that my English was not my strongest point and yet with my teacher’s guidance and fellow students’ support I have excelled almost getting a distinction.

Narayan Joshi


Getting the training from VGTTA was life changing experience for me. I received constant support and guidance from my mentors which really helped me a lot to enhance my teaching. I would like to mention that it was the most enduring experience I ever got. It is definitely going to be useful in my life. I just cannot forget the time and moments spent with my peers. A beautiful campus, classmates from varied backgrounds and cultures, positive classroom environment and team based teaching learning approach carved the teacher in me. The gradual increase in confidence is the result of all the experience at VGTTA.

Sneha Bisht


“Learning is fun “, this is what defines my experience with VGTTA. Be it academics or co curricular we excelled in all. Thank you for re-defining my attitude and molding it to suit the requirements of this profession.

Sweta Singh


It was indeed a privilege for me to take admission in MAEER’s MIT VGTTA B.Ed. College, Loni. All the teaching staff of the college is exceptionally good. They take a lot of pain for the students to make the teaching learning process more effective. In order to keep the students abreast of time many workshops and seminars were conducted which helped the students to excel in their fields. Interactive classes enabled the students to have a peep into the digital age which is the need of hour. It was all possible because of the constant support and guidance of our principal. We the students of MIT are not only well equipped with the academic skills but also enlightened with the vision and the mission set by MAEER’s MIT VGTTA.

Burahanuddin A. Kalmuwala


I had completed my B.Ed. from MAEER’s MIT VGTTA B.Ed. College. But it doesn’t train us only in teaching but also in living. For me it is also a life training institute which taught us how we should live. Sometimes we see that teachers taught us how to behave with our students contrary to their behaviors, but I am feeling myself lucky to have the ideal teachers. I will definitely like to be my teachers as a teacher to my students. Here we learned many things e.g. we imbibed managerial skills, we learned how to tackle with the problem in appropriate way, we learned how to manage our stress and workload, how to manage time, how to behave, how to maintain healthy relationship with the students, how to manage the students and problems faced by them, how to teach our students in different and effective ways and most important HOW TO BE A GOOD TEACHER.



MIT gives lots of opportunities to its students to showcase their academic and extra curriculum skills. This place has completely changed me as a person and has taught me the values to be a through professional and a great teacher. “MIT” as a college gave me ample of opportunities to learn and grow in all aspects of life. Irrespectively from where you belong you will always gets a homely treatment. Commitment and discipline are the backbone of eleven months program which has helped me to become better student and top of it better human being. The B.Ed Course offers an international understanding and perception of learning and teaching. The content of the course has something for both experienced and new teachers. The one thing that makes MIT a unique place for teachers is that it is learner centered and brings out the real essence of being teacher; not only academic but also beliefs, values and pastoral care which are quintessential for being a teacher and those are reinforced all over again. I am taking back a treasure trove of learning from MIT (B.Ed. Course).

Rajani Diwedi


The beautiful Loni, Kalbhor campus resides in the lap of nature which charmingly helps and supports the educationally charged atmosphere. With the guidance of a Brilliant Principal (Dr.Asawari Bhave Gudipudi), who also turned out to be the best teacher, we have excelled ourselves. In the time of needs, she even turned into a motivational speaker for me. We have great access to teachers and they are willing to give that extra help, especially when you are juggling between assignments and preparing lesson notes. They have regular assessments with constructive feedback and constant motivation to help us aim for perfection.
I would like o Thank all the Professors who believed in me and provided the guidance I sought. Teachers do push you a bit harder which is tough but great when you get the results you need.
The one year span at VGTTA for me was one of the testing routines, there were times of emotional havoc and it was in those times that my friends stood by me as my pillar of strength. So, VGTTA also gave me friends for Life.
MIT has taught me Time management which will not only help me in my teaching career but in life too. All in all, it was an amalgamation of work and Play. A WONDERFUL YEAR!! MIT is a brand name and VGTTA keeps upto it.



Having visited and seen the beautiful MIT campus, I thought I should be a part of this institution. I really thank our very own Principal, Dr. Asawari Bhave- Gudipudi ma’am for allowing me to be a part of this institution. I am a very shy person and scare to come in front and express myself. But when I started my journey in college, I learnt a lot from my teachers and my friends. In MIT College every teacher is an inspired person. They teach but are always willing to learn and educating themselves. I learnt to express in positive manner in MIT which is very essential in teaching career. All the professors were stood behind me to get me out of the difficulties which I faced during this year. I could rediscover myself only because of my dear professors. Today I am because what they have taught me.

Swati Thakral


The year that I spent in MAEER’s MIT VGTTA B.Ed. College was the best year of my entire educational life. It is really one of the best colleges in Pune. The teachers are very helpful .Whenever there was anything I needed they were always there without any delay to solve and clear doubts. They all were very friendly and always approachable. Teaching skills which I have acquired in MIT are extremely beneficial for me in actual teaching class. I feel this college has offered me the best opportunity to learn different methods of teaching. MIT College is very keen in the gradual progress and development of the students. I have also made some good friends here, who will stay with me throughout my life. It was a great pleasure for me to be a part of MIT family. I am heartily thankful to our respected principal ma’am, my beloved teachers and my dear friends for supporting and encouraging me always. The memories in MIT VGTTA are always going to be in our heart and will always cherish those lovely moment with friends.

Manasi Kedia


It was wonderful experience of doing B.Ed. from MIT Pune. Our principal supported us in all possible ways. I want to thank all the professors and our principal ma’am whole heartedly for sufferings that they have gone through to make us the twenty first century teachers.

Prabhash Chandra


I not only enjoyed the B.Ed. course from MIT VGTTA, Loni but also it changed my perception towards education system in India. I learned how to go about teaching as a profession where always I wished to. I understood how schools and educational institutions work in general. I feel better equipped for the better performance in career. It wasn't an easy course, but it wasn't overly hard either. Time management is the key. Thanks to the dedicated effort and excellent guidance from all the staff of MITVGTTA Loni, Kalbhor for their help and support. With the dedicated and professional faculty members like them MIT VGTTA Loni, Kalbhor becomes the one stop place for the professional development of all who are already working as educators and those who want to join this noble profession of teaching. The course is definitely worth doing if you are prepared to knuckle down. Just do it. At MITVGTTA taking an educational certification is worth.

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