Vishwashanti Gurukul Teachers Training Academy,

B. Ed College ( English Medium), Rajbaug Loni Kalbhor, Pune


Curriculum laboratory

Development of modules for workshops, Programme plan and Unit plans are prepared and maintained in this laboratory. Playground Well maintained playground with green refreshing lawn and facilities.


Gymnasium with all equipments for physical development is available.

Subject wise Method room

Method rooms for all teaching subject such as Languages, Science, Mathematics, Economics, Geography, History are available with learning resources needed for those subjects.

Yoga and Recreation activity room

Health and yoga room is equipped with yoga mats and posters of yogasan, Suryanamaskar. Recreation room is available where material related to develop creativity is kept.

Hostel and Refectory:

Best campus hostel and refectory facility is provided with hygienic environment


Computer and technology laboratory:

Fully equipped lab with modern technology, internet connections, wi – fi

Science laboratory:

Fully stocked with teaching aids and charts related to Science and mathematics school subject which is given to teacher trainees whenever needed during their practice teaching.

Psychology Laboratory:

Has various psychological instruments, equipments and psychological tests  material needed for Psychology Experiment


Well equipped library with plenty of books related to education and for general reading, ref-read educational  journals, magazines etc.

Sr. No. Particulars Number
1  Educational Reference Books 3898
2 School Textbooks 437
3 Educational Journals / Magazines 16
4 Newspapers 4
5 Geographical Maps 11
6 Educational Charts 93
7 Globe 1
8 Geometry Box 2
9 Science Models 14
10 English Grammar Cards 1 set
11 Total No. of Educational CD’s 56

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